BIODIVERSA Kick-off in Helsinki: 14 an 15 May 2019

The coordinator (Marie-Paule Bonnet, IRD, UMR Espace-DEV) and the two leaders of the Data Management task (Claudio Clemente Faria Barbosa from INPE and Eric Chenin IRD, UMR UMMISCO involved in the GBIF French node) participated the meeting. It was an opportunity to meet the coordinators of the other winning projects of the BiodivScen 2018 call, and to participate in a short presentation of all these projects. The meeting agenda and the presentation of BONDS made on this occasion are available in this directory

We also participated in a session dedicated to data management, and a set of recommendations was made to ensure that the data acquired by all laureates’ projects will be made available to the scientific community. Some slides and guidelines are available in the directory indicated above.